Broadband in Denmark | The complete guide to buying broadband in Denmark

Whether you’re moving to Denmark to study or to live permanently, you will need a reliable internet connection. The most fundamental citizen forms and applications are completed online via council (kommune) websites. This makes having a steady and safe internet connection vital to setting yourself up in Denmark.

Researching and comparing internet providers is a long and tedious process, even in your native country. Most internet providers’ websites are in Danish, which makes the process even more time consuming. However, if you are really confused, there is often a helpful English-speaking consultant in-store or over the phone that you can ask.

This guide has been created to help you choose the best internet provider that suits your current needs and internet requirements. Purchasing a broadband package in your home country may be very different to Denmark, so it is important to look at all the options and small details to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Types of broadband in Denmark

Broadband possibilities

Fixed broadband, which is an internet connection that is sent directly to your router, is the most common way to access the internet in Denmark. There are 3 main types of fixed broadband connections; fibre, digital subscriber line (DSL), and COAX. After setting up your router, you simply connect your device via WiFi and you will have internet access. However, let’s discuss the different broadband options that are offered in Denmark:

Fibre broadband

Fibre internet (bredbånd via fiber) is considered the fastest and most effective option to obtain access to the internet. The data is sent through fibre optic wires, which is currently the quickest and most efficient way to deliver data.

The main limitation of fibre internet, is that it is not available throughout the whole of Denmark. Fibre optic cables need to be present in the surrounding ground for an internet connection to be possible. If there aren’t any existing wires and the demand is not high enough, then it is likely that fibre optic internet will not be possible.

Another drawback is that fibre optic wires are very fragile, making them extemely delicate during roadworks or building renovations. However, if you are looking for a super-fast connection, fiber internet is your best option.

Broadband via telephone

The most common type of connection is DSL or bredbånd via telefonstik. This connection uses an existing telephone line to connect to the internet. This type of connection is slower than fibre but is a more affordable and accessible option.

DSL uses existing copper wiring which transmits data, providing a reliable and stable connection. Copper wiring is not as quick at transmitting data as fibre optic… but they are less delicate, and it is unlikely that you would experience interruptions during roadworks. The set-up is relatively easy, and even rural areas of the country are able to access the internet.

COAX broadband

Lastly, there is COAX connection (bredbånd via kabel), which is a connection delivered by TV cables. The speed of this type of broadband is faster than DSL but slower than fibre optic.  Coaxial wiring uses a high bandwidth, giving it decent speed results. However, fibre optic cables have an even better bandwidth capacity – making it the next best option in terms of speed.

This option is a solid choice if there are high capacity users or multiple users at the same time. The only drawback of this type of internet is that you need to have an existing TV signal, which may not be readily available in all student dorms, apartments or homes. Although if you have a TV cable and want a reliable internet connection, this is a great option to consider.

Broadband pricing

The price of broadband dependends on the speed and type of broadband you want. Below we have created a tool, which you can use to find broadband that matches exactly your needs.



Test din adresse

Du tester følgende adresse:

Se flere resultater
Provider Price Price 6 md. Speed Setup fee Trustpilot Type
Fastspeed bredbånd 249 kr.Price per month 1494 kr.Price 6 md. 1000/100 Mbit/sSpeed 0 kr.Setup fee 4.8 ★On Trustpilot
Gratis oprettelse
Kviknet bredbånd 249 kr.Price per month 1494 kr.Price 6 md. 100/30 Mbit/sSpeed 0 kr.Setup fee 4.3 ★On Trustpilot
Gratis oprettelse
Telenor bredbånd 249 kr.Price per month 1494 kr.Price 6 md. 1000/60 Mbit/sSpeed 0 kr.Setup fee 3.8 ★On Trustpilot
Stofa bredbånd 239 kr.Price per month 717 kr.Price 6 md. 30/30 Mbit/sSpeed 0 kr.Setup fee 2.7 ★On Trustpilot
0 kr. første 3 mdr.
Hiper bredbånd 249 kr.Price per month 1692 kr.Price 6 md. 100/50 Mbit/sSpeed 198 kr.Setup fee 4.6 ★On Trustpilot
YouSee bredbånd 279 kr.Price per month 1903 kr.Price 6 md. 50/10 Mbit/sSpeed 299 kr.Setup fee 2.7 ★On Trustpilot
Spar 398,-
Boxer bredbånd 239 kr.Price per month 1434 kr.Price 6 md. 100/25 Mbit/sSpeed 0 kr.Setup fee 4.1 ★On Trustpilot

Data opdateret: 15.10.2020

Choosing the right speed for your broadband

The speed you require depends on what you will be using your internet connection for. It’s worth considering how fast you need your broadband to be, in order to avoid paying for a super fast connection if you don’t really need it.

If you use your broadband to browse social media, stream TV programmes/films, and check emails, then a super fast connection is not fully required. However, if you find yourself downloading large files on a daily basis, or you live in an area where connection speeds are slower, then it may be worth looking into faster broadband packages.

Things to remember when choosing your broadband

Installation fees

After you have decided which type of broadband you want, you should consider a few other points before fully commiting and sigining a contract. The cost you see advertised by internet providers is the monthly price, or subscription fee, which is what you would pay for monthly usage.

There will most likely be an initial set-up fee which will include: the price of the router and any cables or equipment, fee for home installation, and sometimes an admin fee. The price and conditions of this fee can vary between providers, just make sure to read the fine print to avoid any surprises or additional costs.

Advertised speed vs actual speed

Most companies will promise super-fast speeds which can entice you, and leave you disappointed when the actual speed is much less. It’s important to check your area for accurate coverage, and most providers will be able to tell you their connection speeds if you give them your address.

The variance in speed can depend on a few factors such as how busy the connection is and the location of your router within your home. By researching coverage in your area, you will have a better idea of which providers can deliver the best, and most reliable, internet connection.


You can usually set up a direct debit for your broadband internet payments. This requires a bank account for the balance to be debited from. Alternatively, you can make monthly payments to the provider when you receive your invoice. Or you can send the outstanding balance via MobilePay. There is usually more information on payment on the invoice but if you are in doubt, contact your internet provider.

Conditions for termination and delivery and return of equipment

Change of address

It is also important to consider other practical aspects of your life when deciding on a broadband connection. For example, when you move accomodation you must notify your local council. Your municipality will notify most of the organisations associated with you and your details.

However, your council may not notify your internet provider. You should then ensure that you notify your provider directly about your change of address. It is also recommended to discuss the possiblilties and/or costs of moving with your existing router.


Due to the nature of cancellation terms, it is difficult to give solid, concrete, advice. It is highly recommended that you carefully read your provider’s cancellation conditions and any other requirments they may have, e.g. return of the router or other equipment.

Combining broadband and other services

It is common for broadband providers to offer some sort of broadband package that is combined with an additional service.

For example, broadband internet with 6 months free subscription to ViaPlay. Other providers are offering internet with the addition of TV and sports channels for as little as 99 kroner. If you don’t use much TV or streaming, then perhaps consider internet packages that include discounted access to Spotify or even Microsoft Office.

There are a lot more options out there, and combining addtional services has become one of the ways in which providers can offer competitive deals and prices.

It is certainly an aspect worth researching, as you can save money and get a good deal that works for you. Of course, if you have no interest in additional services, it will be cheaper to choose a more basic package with broadband only.

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Broadband in Denmark | The complete guide to buying broadband in Denmark

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