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Student bredband | finding the best deal for you

Ask any student what their priorities are for when they start studying and you can almost guarantee that a good, fast and stable internet connection will be high on their wish-list. Moving to a university or college and setting up new services can be daunting for anyone, but for students who have moved from another country to study, the options can be bewildering.

In terms of selecting a bredband (broadband) package and provider, there are a number of factors to consider, including what connection to use, the cost of the connection and what you will need the internet for.

In this article, you will find some guidance about choosing the right connection for you, and all the different options to consider.

Choosing the right package

The first hurdle, when taking out bredband options, is choosing the right package for you. There are many factors to consider, the first of which is whether you choose a mobile or fixed broadband connection. If you’ve moved into accommodation that you are planning to stay in for a relatively long time, fixed broadband is likely to be more cost effective as well as faster and more reliable. If you have yet to find your perfect apartment, however, a mobile bredband solution might be right for you.

You might also need to consider usage – if you are a gamer or enjoy long nights of Netflix bingeing (and the odd-bit of studying too), you are likely to need a higher bandwidth than if you are an occasional Spotify user, or just checking a research article every now and again. You should also consider the number of users when it comes to your data allocation and, indeed, the capacity for several users accessing the internet at the same time. If you have a high-demand household, the fixed broadband option is probably best for you, as you generally will get a higher capacity as well as an increased access capacity.

In the table below you can filter the current broadband offers on the danish marked, in order to find a product that matches your needs.



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Provider Price Price 6 md. Speed Setup fee Trustpilot Type
Fastspeed bredbånd 249 kr.Price per month 1494 kr.Price 6 md. 1000/100 Mbit/sSpeed 0 kr.Setup fee 4.8 ★On Trustpilot
Gratis oprettelse
Kviknet bredbånd 249 kr.Price per month 1494 kr.Price 6 md. 100/30 Mbit/sSpeed 0 kr.Setup fee 4.3 ★On Trustpilot
Gratis oprettelse
Telenor bredbånd 249 kr.Price per month 1494 kr.Price 6 md. 1000/60 Mbit/sSpeed 0 kr.Setup fee 3.8 ★On Trustpilot
Stofa bredbånd 239 kr.Price per month 717 kr.Price 6 md. 30/30 Mbit/sSpeed 0 kr.Setup fee 2.7 ★On Trustpilot
0 kr. første 3 mdr.
Hiper bredbånd 249 kr.Price per month 1692 kr.Price 6 md. 100/50 Mbit/sSpeed 198 kr.Setup fee 4.6 ★On Trustpilot
YouSee bredbånd 279 kr.Price per month 1903 kr.Price 6 md. 50/10 Mbit/sSpeed 299 kr.Setup fee 2.7 ★On Trustpilot
Spar 398,-
Boxer bredbånd 239 kr.Price per month 1434 kr.Price 6 md. 100/25 Mbit/sSpeed 0 kr.Setup fee 4.1 ★On Trustpilot

Data opdateret: 15.10.2020

Fixed bredband Options

Fixed bredband is a connection that is delivered directly to your home and accessed through a router, usually either by WIFI, or through a wired connection directly into the router.

When it comes to a fixed bredband connection, there are options to consider. Depending on where you are, and the services available, you may be offered Fibre, DSL or COAX connections.

Fiber bredband is delivered through fibre optic cables and is usually considered the fastest option. Fiber cables use light to transmit data at very high speeds and can mean that your connection speed can be incredibly high.

A DSL, or Digital Subscriber Line, uses an existing telephone connection in a property to provide an internet connection. While slower that fibre, a DSL connection will usually provide a reliable and fast connection, although this can vary depending on your location.

A COAX connection will utilise a cable TV connection to also provide access to the internet. Because a cable or COAX connection uses a higher bandwidth than a standard DSL line, the likelihood of getting higher speeds is much greater.

What connection you have will likely depend on your provider and your location, but whichever option you receive, DSL, COAX or Fibre, you are likely to get a reliable connection. If you know that you will be a high-capacity user, or there will be a number of people or devices accessing the internet at any given time, you might want to consider a COAX or Fibre connection, if these are available to you.

Things to remember when choosing your broadband

Broadband router

Once you have established whether you need a mobile or fixed bredband connection and what type of fixed bredband that might be, there are other things to consider before committing to your chosen product.


Some providers will charge you a set-up fee for your equipment or to establish a connection. You should check how much this is and when you are expected to pay it before signing up. Similarly, you might also be charged exit fees for leaving a connection early. You should consider all of these fees when choosing your broadband, and compare the total cost of the package, including monthly connection fees, to establish what is the most cost-effective solution for you.


Aside from fees, some installations might require changes to be made to the property to allow the connection to be delivered. You should check if your landlord allows this before committing to a connection that you might not be able to utilise. Most providers will tell you what is currently available at your address, however.

Not all providers will give you a router to access the internet through a fixed broadband connection (although most will). If you are going to be provided with a router, you should check if this is something that there is a fee for and that the router provides a WIFI connection. If you don’t receive a router, or the WIFI is limited, you might need to invest in a router, which are readily available from most technology shops, but will add another cost to your connection.

Max-speed vs. actual speed

Be careful not to be bamboozled by promises of super-high max speeds. The max speed of a connection is the speed which your connection should be able to provide, under the perfect conditions. The likelihood is, however, that your actual speed will be somewhat lower, and affected by where your router is located, how busy the connection is (how many people are using the connection and what they are doing) and how far you are away from the cabinet that provides the connection to the property. It is advisable to do a little research into the actual speed of a connection before you sign your contract.

Mobile internet may be affected by signal strength, depending on where you are. You should also check the coverage of your area for your preferred providers to see who will give you the most consistent access.

Student Discounts

Like many shops and business, you might find that providers will offer a discount to student households. You should ask any prospective providers if they offer any student pricing when you are looking to agree a connection. It might not be something that they advertise readily on their website so speaking to someone in-store or online is advisable as a way to try to save some of your bank balance.

Even though you might not get lucky trying to get som student discount, most broadband-providers regualary runs sales-campaigns where you can save some money. We continuously keep an eye on alle current offers, and you can therefore always check out our list of providers that currently give a discount on their broadband products.

Be careful not to be bamboozled by a deal that seems too good to be true, either with a new customer deal or through a student discount. Check the small print carefully to make sure that your internet bill is not going to suddenly become unaffordable after any introductory deal has expired.

Living in Student Accommodation or dorm?

Broadband in dorm

Many universities and other educational establishments will provide some accommodation as part of their campus. These affordable housing options are great for those who have recently moved to the country and have yet to have time to find the right area for them to live in, they are also used by those who have moved from other areas and are looking for an affordable and community space. Typically, these types of accommodation are used by students during their first year of study, but it is not limited to this.

A lot of student housing will offer a connection to the internet as part of the rent and bills that you pay to live there. These will usually be high-speed, high-capacity networks and may even be linked to the university’s connection. This is great when it comes to reliability, but you might find that the connection slows down at peak times, such as in the evening when most students will be in their accommodation and studying hard (or gaming/watching movies etc). If this is too much to bear, you might consider getting a mobile broadband connection to supplement the connection provided, but you should test what you have prior to committing to extra costs.

So, all in all, when choosing your broadband connection, you should consider carefully what type of connection you need (and what you can have), the costs of this connection, including any set-up, installation or exit fees, the speed of the connection and whether or not the connection has enough capacity to handle its prospective use. It is advisable to spend some time doing some research and shopping around to find the best deal, and not just signing up to the first shop on the high street. Remember too that some providers will offer what looks like an amazing deal for the first 6-months or even a year to hook you in, but after this period the prices will inevitably rise, and may not then be the most cost-effective solution.

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